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Dirt, grime, smudges &
smears? Have no fear.

Washable leather is here! Our new leather wallet tote is made with our proprietary
leather coating — so you can clean it with a mild dish soap.


Purses With A Purpose

GTM conceal carry bags are designed to keep women safe and feeling confident

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Your life is worth it.

We use only premium quality leather and quality materials, so you can
count on our products to perform and to last.


Taking the lead.

Since our beginning in 2009, we’ve been a champion of women’s protection. We’ve taken the lead in creating high-quality products, that can be used for safely carrying all kinds of self-defense tools, beyond guns. Every bag is tested. Every detail is considered. That’s why, a decade later, we’re the most popular conceal carry handbag on the market.
The Original Gun Tote’n Mamas


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