All leathers do NOT act the same. Every leather has its own personality.

Most important, how each bag is sewn will influence this as well. The number one difference in our bags is the padded compartment for the firearm. That padding is not only to protect the gun and to prevent imprinting as the leather softens, but it prevents the bag itself from sagging around the gun. This point is CRITICAL. The gun must ALWAYS be stored in a position that it can INSTANTLY be drawn in a split second – if the bag sags around the gun it will cause enough of a delay to try and remove the gun and could cost you your life.

We take our clients protection seriously, this construction point will never change and has been proven throughout our product testing since 2009.



We have a ONE YEAR wear and tear warranty on our bags unless stated otherwise by a GTM representative. If you have any questions on an issue with your GTM product please contact us by email and be prepared to send photos and information as needed.