Concealed Carry Purse Options for Women

Women who carry a concealed handgun tend to have limited options for where to carry their defensive firearm. Often, women’s clothing makes it difficult for women to carry a gun on their body, if they choose not to dress around their concealed carry rig. The next best option is for off-body carry in a concealed carry purse.

Ordinary purses can present a danger for the concealed carry holder in that they do not provide dedicated pocket in which to store a firearm. Even if a gun is secured in a holster, there are no mounting points to ensure that a gun is securely fastened and always oriented in a specific direction for a safe and quick draw.

Of course, there is also the danger that an unsecured gun in the main body of a regular purse could be accessible to anyone, whether that’s a criminal or a child.

Fortunately, there are options for a dedicated concealed carry purse. Here are six companies that make concealed carry purses that are designed to give women a safe and easy way to carry their defensive guns.


Gun Tote’n Mamas was started to offer affordable high-quality concealed carry purse options to women looking for an easy and secure way to carry a defensive handgun.

The company offers a wide variety of handbags in different styles and finishes to fit the fashion tastes of individual women, but it also designs each concealed carry purse with safe and accessible carry in mind.

One of the company’s newer designs is the GTM-51 Town Tote, which is designed for both left- and right-hand use and features an Ostrich pattern debossed American cowhide. The purse is trimmed with full-grain tan American cowhide which becomes softer with use and ages to a darkened patina.

The inside of the bag features an extra zipper pocket that fits small items like smart phones, lipstick and pepper spray.

For concealed carry use, the bag is lined with specially designed padding to prevent gun printing. The shoulder strap is slash-resistant with an 11-ply steel cable reinforcement running through the whole strap.

The zippered gun compartment on the outside of the bag features a standard holster designed by Mernickle holsters, and the zipper itself is constructed from nylon coil for added safety. The Town Tote retails for a suggested price of $236.

Another offering from Gun Tote’n Mamas is the CZY-01 Vintage Cross Body concealed carry purse. The Vintage Cross Body is constructed from distressed vintage tanned full-grain Buffalo leather, which softens with use.

This concealed carry purse is designed for left- and right-hand use and features antique brass-colored hardware and features an outside zippered pocket for carrying a concealed firearm. Like the Town Tote, the Vintage Cross Body features a steel wire-reinforced cross-body carrying strap that prevents slashing. The shoulder strap is adjustable and easily clips on and off the purse.

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