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Gun Tote’n Mamas from NRA 2018

Gun Tote'n Mamas from NRA 2018 from Christopher Swainhart on Vimeo.

Life is Easier with a Organized Rolling Range Bag

I used to think all I needed to look for in a range bag were a few compartments, strong zippers and a heavy-weight shoulder strap. That is until I tried Gun Tote’n Mamas (GTM) Organized Rolling Range Bag. Wow, not all range bags are created equal. 

How to stay safe in your 2018 travels

No one ever said travel was easy. But 2017, which featured terrorism, natural disasters and tumultuous politics, has added a new sense of uneasiness. Not worried yet? 

Cabela's Ladies Day Out! - September 23rd, 2017

Join Gun Tote'n Mamas as they sponsor Cabela's for their 'Ladies Day Out' in-store event on September 23rd, 2017!! Stop in any Cabela's and take advantage of the great deals on everything from shooting products to hunting products to camping and fishing products. 



What Women Think About Guns … and What the Anti-Gun Media Doesn’t Want You to Know By Beth Alcazar

At this year’s 2017 USCCA Concealed Carry Expo in Fort Worth, Texas, I had the opportunity to lead a panel of women: five leaders and trailblazers in our industry who have each carved out unique paths but who all fight for the same 2nd Amendment goals. We explored a variety of topics — from working with female shooters to getting friends and family involved with safe firearms — but one question revealed some powerful and poignant answers … the type of answers that the anti-gun media tries to cover up or hide.


How Shooting Encourages Women Empowerment by Karen

Is it just me, or Women Empowerment become really popular discussion topic? What a strong stance those two words alone take. I am 100% sure when women around the world hear those words “Women Empowerment” it makes them pull their shoulders back and hold their head up a little higher.


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