Instructor PreLoved Bag Program

We are so excited to be able to create this program just for Instructors! Certified firearms instructors across the country may order up to three PreLoved bags to use in their training courses, to aide in teaching how to carry firearms off-body. Not Only does it allow use and access to the #1 CCW Purse / Bag brand in the country, for only a donation and shipping cost, it also allows returned bags to continue their purpose, YOUR purpose, to teach as many as possible how to carry Off Body.

Based on analytics from The Well Armed Woman (2021 Blog) and Shoot Like A Girl (2021 Annual Report), concealed carry bags and purses are now preferred over on-body holsters, especially with new shooters.

How the Instructor PreLoved Bag Program works:

To receive your GTM PreLoved concealed carry bags or purses, follow these steps:

  • Each bag is a $25.00 donation + shipping
    • Donation will be announced (we can do both AWA and AGAG or we can find another women centric organization).
  • Limit to 3 Bags per order.
    • Supply is limited! If you don’t get it this time – check back with us.
  • Tell us what size bags you use most for your Off Body Training Class.
    • Small, medium or large
    • Supply is limited - we never know what will be available.
      • Make sure to give a second size choice.
      • Due to limited and random supply, we will pick for you!
    • Don't want to use the GTM bag anymore? All we ask is keep giving it forward to someone else in need! Recycle once it is unsafe to use.
  • GTM Instructor PreLoved bags and purses are not returnable nor refundable.
  • GTM Instructor PreLoved bags and purses are not covered under GTM Warranty.
  • GTM Instructor PreLoved bags are used bags returned back to Gun Tote’n Mamas.
    • We NEVER accept returns from Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, or any third party site.
    • Returned bags are only accepted back into our hands from Authorized GTM dealers.

You will receive:

1. GTM PreLoved bag(s) - Depending on how many you order (up to three) 
2. If needed, refitted with our Signature Shoulder Strap and Holster - You may see a contrasting color or two. We use what is on hand.
  • Note: Leather will have PreLoved “personalities”: scratches, discolorations, stains, no longer wanted, stained lining, some threads undone, etc.
    • All damages beyond cosmetic personalities go into recycling and will never be part of this program
3. “WHY GTM” flyers
4. GTM Owners Manual
  • GTM is the only concealed-carry bag and purse manufacturer on the market that has invested time and money in developing an owner’s manual!

To receive GTM Instructor PreLoved Bags, include the following in an email to

  1. Full Name
  2. Shipping Address
  3. Cell/Phone
  4. Email address to receive invoice, tracking, updates
  5. Current Instructor credentials, i.e., USCCA, NRA, etc.
    1. You must be able to demonstrate you are a currently certified Instructor and training location (range, shop, specialty)

We will call you for credit card payment over the phone. DO NOT put your credit card information in the email.


Keep Moving the Love Forward Addresses Sustainability

Should a trainer acquire GTM PreLoved bags/purses, and doesn’t want to use them any longer, we ask that you give them to someone in need. NOTE: As with all of our products, once the purse or bag is unsafe to use, please recycle.