5 Answers to the Question…WHY GTM?


Women are RAPIDLY taking over as the top consumers when it comes to personal protection. This means we have to give them the tools to dominate. At GTM, our mission is to protect and empower women by providing them with the education and products needed to carry their personal protection item of choice. It’s not just about providing customers with a fashionable concealed carry option - it’s about offering them the best form of protection they can buy. 

Anyone making the decision to carry a handgun to protect themselves should understand that purchasing a quality, thoughtfully made and tested, CCW product means spending what their life is worth. Give them the tools they need. Read on for five reasons to say yes to Gun Tote’n Mamas.

1. Curated, Original Leathers

Made to last.

The more wear, the better your GTM bag looks. High-quality, curated leather is low maintenance, made to last and is the perfect fit for any and every occasion – especially when it comes to protection. Our founder hand picks hides, determines color, creates texture, and carefully develops each and every purse to hit the mark! 

Name someone else that does this for the Woman shooter and shopper…we dare you!

2. Ambidextrous Drawability

For when YOU need it most.

Each bag is thoroughly tested by experienced professionals from the field. If you’ve ever heard that one can’t make a reliable, safe system that allows for left, right and top drawability…we’re here to prove them wrong. We work with instructors from across the country to ensure ambidextrous drawability for when you need it most. 

3. Luggage Construction

Don’t settle for less.. 

Luggage construction marks the heart of our products and story. For over 40 years, we’ve mastered what happens in baggage handling and luggage construction. WE understand this more than any other company in the industry. You may be asking, WHY does this matter? With a 0.01% return rate, women know what they want, and will no doubt purchase bags that will last. YOU should allow your customers to access a bag that has gone through peak construction and testing. Why settle for less?

4. Holster Included

Offer the best you can buy. 

Designed by Mernickle Holsters featuring industrial velcro, each GTM bag is equipped with a removable Holster, allowing your customer to adjust the Holster, with or without the gun inside. Our bags are also compatible with Crossbreed holsters.

5. Extreme Durability and Reliability

Durability, reliability, and protection. 

Our bags consist of 11 individual wires twisted together and embedded into the Shoulder Straps. Straps should use wire-reinforced leather so they are slash resistant and strong enough to carry the weight of the purse when it contains a firearm, an extra magazine, and all other self-defense essentials. ONLY Nylon coil zippers are used on GTM gun compartments. This critical zipper must perform on a moment’s notice, so we only use dependable material to keep our customers safe. 

Women want the perfect handbag, but more importantly, Women want to feel safe, equipped, empowered, and confident stepping out in style. Gun Toten Mamas has been making this happen since 2009 - because we ARE, and ALWAYS WILL BE, VERY serious about protection. You can find us in retail stores across the country. It’s time to take action and give your customers not only what they want, but what they need. 

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