Announcing Mabel Mondays! by Vicki Farnam

Introducing: Mabel Mondays!


Have you ever had a question about firearms or shooting but you just didn't know who to ask? Maybe you were worried that they would judge you. Or maybe you were worried that they would think you were ignorant. 


This is where Mabel comes in! Mabel is like Dear Abby. She will answer any questions that you may have from beginner to advanced. Even if you have never even picked up a gun before and are wondering where to start, Mabel can help you. No question is too simple or complex. 


Mabel was once a beginner herself and had to search a lot for the answers to the questions that she had! She wants to make it easier for women to find the answers that they need. 


Every Monday, Mabel will be available to answer your questions posted to the DTI for Women page. Or send them in early to if you wish and Mabel will post only the question and the answer on the DTI for Women page.


We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity and share this post so that other women can get their questions answered as well!

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