Buyer, Beware!

GTM Fans Beware! As you all know, our extensive line of premium leather concealed-carry purses and bags comes with a one-year limited wear-and-tear warranty, two-year limited warranty on the leather itself and a two-year limited warranty for the shoulder straps. But be warned: the warranty only pertains to purses/bags/ products sold by GTM Original’s authorized dealers/retailers. And ,of course you can always feel confident buying from!


We sometimes find our items being resold without permission on Amazon, eBay or Etsy, and we cannot guarantee those products or honor the warranty. Be sure to buy your GTM product only from an approved authorized, approved retailer. Approved online dealers selling GTM products include It’s In the Bag, Hiding Hilda, Gun Goddess and The Well Armed Woman. To find a list of stores with authorized dealers, visit the handy store locator page. If you have questions about a retailer, please contact Christine at 847-446-0700 ext. 105. or


Please watch this quick video from our president, Claudia Chisholm, for more information on how to spot a GTM fake!



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