Empowering Generations: Handbags that Mean More

Providing all generations with confidence and protection

Women’s protection is a timeless concern that transcends generations. Today, the market offers a variety of products for personal safety - including concealed carry. It’s no surprise we’re celebrating our 14-year anniversary as a leader in women’s protection. Women want us, because we know what women want. Our extensive line of handbags are not only designed to carry a firearm, but more importantly empower women, catalyze confidence and create a much-needed community to foster safety among ALL generations of women. 

Catering to the needs of women across different age and demographic groups is crucial for your wholesale offerings. Give them the tools they need and read on for the significance of empowering women of all generations. Image above shows off the camo and snakeskin style.

Practicality and Functionality 

Meeting the needs of all generations 

While there are plenty of existing generational differences among women today, there’s more similarities than you think when it comes to personal protection. Women of all generations desire functionality and style when making fashion and protection choices like in the image above showing off the GTM-CZY/22

At Gun Tote’n Mamas, we strive to maintain the needs of every generation. The millennial generation values versatility and practicality. Incorporating features such as RFID protection tends to be extremely important for these shoppers. Our firearms protect us, but sometimes we need to provide protection of a different sort. RFID blocks thieves from stealing information held on cards within the purse. Essentially, it provides a barrier between your cards and any potential scanners. Make sure to look for the small black and red sewn-in label showing the RFID symbol in all GTM bags! These modern safety features will help appeal to all ages of shoppers, with a focus on this generation.

Quality and Sustainability

Quality, sustainable bags for when YOU need it most. 

Our younger generations tend to focus on sustainability, quality and customer service while shopping. At GTM, we like to say, “We purchase a quality gun, knowing our lives may depend on it. We should also purchase a quality CCW handbag, like the GTM-16TLD/BK shown above. Don’t save money on your life … spend what your life is worth.” As a wholesaler, YOU understand the need for high quality products concerning protection and safety, which comes in handy when connecting with younger shoppers. 

GTM’s PreLoved Bag Program allows certified instructors around the country to use previously loved products in order to train and empower women across the country. Utilizing GTM bags that cannot be donated or go back into stock, the program allows instructors to sustainably teach off-body carry to the rising demographic of women searching for ways to protect themselves. For just a $25 donation, we'll send up to 3 Preloved products to certified instructors! Check out how to get involved here.

Classic Designs

Ageless Fashion. 

Appreciating the classic and elegant designs, our loyal older generations stick to the tasteful and sophisticated styles when it comes to handbags such as the GTM-98/DBTN shown above. GTM has a wide variety of options for these shoppers, without sacrificing the essential safety elements to keep these women safe. They also may be looking for peace of mind while shopping, highlighting sturdy construction and a timeless aesthetic. 

GTM’s collection no doubt meets the diverse needs of different generations. With a variety of leathers and body shapes, our women’s collection makes for the perfect combination of functionality, sustainability, classic design and safety features. While showcasing these leathers, styles and body shapes to your shoppers, be sure to remind them that each bag offers a fashionable and secure form of protection. 


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