GTM Bags Are the Perfect Accessory to Make Additional Sales

While certainly the global pandemic has hit many retailers hard, those of us in the hunting/outdoors retail category have been seeing cash registers flowing. An estimated 1,797,910 guns were sold in April 2020 – a 71.3 percent increase from April 2019. March saw an even higher surge in sales, with 2,583,238 firearms sold – or 85.3 percent more than the previous year, according to Small Arms Analytics and Forecasting data. We can assume that many of those sales may be new gun owners.  Make sure you are helping those customers carry those weapons safely and responsibly while offering them the best in quality accessories.


As retail industry veteran Peter Paine has stated publicly, “Retailers who are able to stay engaged in a personalized way and provide a shopping experience with multiple layers of value generally have a loyal customer base. There's no better time to add services, categories and products to your retail brand and protection products are exactly what your customers are looking for in these times of uncertainty.”[1]   

With that in mind make sure you are offering your female customers what they want this summer as they venture out of quarantine with newfound confidence. GTM bags are just the ticket.

As all retailers who carry our products know, our bags are high-quality accessories designed as a fashionable, affordable tool for concealed carry. We make every product with quality genuine leather, professional stitching and elegant design to last for years so that you can be confident you are selling your customers the best of the best. Our handbags were inspired and developed by women for women, with the ultimate goal of protecting and empowering every woman who carries one. And remember that every one of our products has been TESTED, TESTED, TESTED by instructors from facilities training CSI, FBI and Navy Seals. You want to be sure you are selling products your customers can trust. Check out our wholesale product offerings at

We hope that you are counting your blessings for the financial gains experienced during what is a tough time for others in retail. We all have a responsibility to these customers.




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