Happy Holidays! - Holiday Gift Buying Guide

Concealed Carry Purse Holiday Shopping Guide

The holidays are right around the corner and it’s time to pick the perfect gift for yourself and the women we love wanting off body protection options. Concealed carry purses and handbags can be found in many places, but not all are created equal. You want to be sure that the bag is sturdy, holds up against time and travel, has easy access with a fast draw giving confidence, strength and control, yet still be your favorite go - to for any occasion. Yes, ladies - I’m talking a fancy night downtown or to the rodeo on the weekend, we have it all.

Ordinary purses are dangerous for the concealed carry holder! They do not provide a dedicated pocket to store a firearm that is always oriented in a specific direction for a safe and quick draw. Imagine reaching in your purse for your phone to show off pictures of your babies to another mama and you pull out a weapon… SURPRISE!?

Here are our recommendations for five very important things to look for when buying a concealed carry weapon (CCW) handbag this holiday season! Read carefully

1. Designed for Safety and Accessibility

Make sure you choose a bag that is built around the holster/gun, not the other way around. Your purse shouldn’t look like it holds a firearm, otherwise the bag defeats the purpose. Your protection should have its own “home” inside your bag that was designed for safety and be easily accessible for quick draw. Your tools are only as good as their accessibility in self-defense. If you have to get through several layers and your protection (gun, pepper spray, taser stun gun) isn’t easily drawn, the result can be devastating. And don’t forget to consider the zipper! Only nylon coil zippers should be used on the gun compartment. Metal zippers have a higher rate of defects.  

2. Durability

Assuming you will be using your CCW bag for many years, you need something that lasts. The best handbags are made of durable, luggage-quality leather that will get suppler over time. Straps should use wire reinforced leather so they are cut resistant and strong enough to carry the weight of the purse when it contains your firearm, an extra magazine and all your other stuff. Lastly, seams need to be virtually un-rippable. Get the bag that lasts!

3. Fashion

A good handbag isn’t about just carrying all your things. It’s about fashion, complementing your look and helping us feel pretty, too. Find a CCW purse that isn’t just “trendy” but has a classic look that will remain fashionable over the course of time. Gorgeous leather and subtle accents turn a “bag” into something more. Elegance never goes out of style.

4. Designed By Women for Women

That’s right. We’re suggesting that you purchase a handbag that was actually designed by gun-carrying women! Only a woman understands how our bodies feel and move in various situations. Think about how the straps feel on your shoulders, whether single or cross-body, and what we need in a bag, whether it’s a night on the town or a business meeting. Purchasing a bag designed by women practically guarantees that you can’t go wrong. Additionally, women-owned businesses employ nearly nine million people in the U.S. Supporting a professional community of that size and importance is always encouraged.

5. Peace of Mind

You care about yourself and the women in your life - being serious about protection is a major priority. Giving her a quality CCW purse (and getting your own) is a gift that empowers and helps keep all women you know safe. Women, unfortunately, automatically have a target on our backs, so anything we can do to reduce that target helps equalize the field.

You purchase a quality gun, knowing your life may depend on it. Shouldn’t the same amount of thought be put into how you carry and how quickly you can access it? We wouldn’t buy a Lamborghini and not have a heated garage to park it in, right? Don’t save money on your life, spend what your life is worth! Show how much you care by giving the gifts of confidence and protection this holiday season.



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