Land of the Free: GTM’s Veterans Day Spotlight With Gloria Krauklis

“It’s an honor and a privilege to serve your country. A lot of people don’t recognize the sacrifice that military members make.” 

With Veterans Day approaching, GTM continues to honor the men and women, retired and Active Duty, dedicated to protecting our country. We talked to retired Master Sergeant and one of our own Gun Tote’n Mamas, Gloria Krauklis, to gain insight into the meaning of this cherished holiday and a look into her experience in women’s protection. 

Honoring our Veteran

Gloria joined the Army in 1983, completing her basic and advanced training in Fort Jackson, SC. Serving an impressive 20 years of Active Duty, she embodies what it means to serve our country and dedication to the protection of others. As one of her key assignments, Gloria served as a drill sergeant for 2 years. She was selected as the only enlisted instructor for the Inspector General School in Fort Belvoir, VA, providing a variety of instruction designed to prepare Inspectors General and support personnel for their specific duties and responsibilities. 

Following her retirement from the military in 2003, Gloria dedicated her time to security-related positions, giving back to the community through background investigations. Working with different organizations in the firearms industry, such as Armed Women of America, Gloria came across GTM President Claudia Chisholm and the Gun Tote’n Mamas team. They quickly created a strong connection through their passion for women's protection and overall support of the firearms industry. 

Serious About Women’s Protection

Home of the Brave.

Home of the Brave.

As an NRA instructor and USCCA training counselor, Gloria not only-teaches a variety of off-body carry classes, but also taser, pepper spray and image based decisional drills by Complete Combatant. She serves as an NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, Refuse to be a Victim Instructor and more, giving endless hours to ensure women are confident and empowered to protect themselves when they need it most. This is just another way Gloria is giving back to our great Nation. 

“Women need to realize it’s not just putting a gun in a purse and carrying it, it’s knowing how to draw it and use it in a self-defense situation. We can all carry a gun but if we don’t know how to utilize it it’s not gonna do us any good.”

Gloria revealed that training is the key to anything in self-defense. She encourages readers to keep their skills up to date, to educate and empower themselves and others to keep moving forward. She now serves as the liaison for GTM and Law Enforcement and Military customers. Gloria and her husband sell GTM’s concealed carry bags in their local Appomattox, VA storefront, Black Target Firearms.  

“GTM safety, functionality and accessibility is unmatched from other products–just the facts. Instilling this in women and men is crucial.”

Celebrating Veterans Day

I am a Gun Tote'n Mama.

I am a Gun Tote'n Mama.

“It’s an honor and a privilege to serve your country; a lot of people don’t recognize the sacrifice that military members make. What people tend to get confused by is that Veterans day is for people currently serving AND who have served in the past, while memorial day is dedicated to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.” 

Gloria thanks GTM for recognizing Veterans. They provide a quality product for men and women to utilize in life-threatening situations, but it goes further than that. GTM shows their immense support for Veterans by donating to organizations that honor women in the military, such as Army Women’s Museum in Fort Lee, VA. 

GTM offers a year-round Military Discount for all Active Duty US Military and Veterans. Offering 20% off of all regularly priced bags, the brand is dedicated to recognizing and honoring those who put their lives on the line. 

To our women and men in uniform, past, present and future, thank you for serving our country and protecting us each and every day!


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