Make Your Mother’s Day Cash Registers Sing with GTM Products

Make Your Mother’s Day Cash Registers Sing with GTM Products

As all retailers who carry our products know, our bags are high-quality accessories designed as a fashionable, affordable tool for concealed carry. We make every product with quality genuine leather, professional stitching and elegant design to last for years so that you can be confident you are selling your customers the best of the best. Our handbags were inspired and developed by women for women, with the ultimate goal of protecting and empowering every woman who carries one.

But did you know that our bags can (and should) be used for many reasons to protect the woman carrying it? This Mother’s Day shopping season, let your customers know that GTM bags have MANY benefits for the moms in their life.


Multipurpose Holster for Mom’s Ultimate Protection and Empowerment

As the latest data from 2019 shows, women are wanting concealed carry options for a variety of reasons. In 2019, permit numbers grew 101% faster for women than for men (and these numbers don’t take into consideration women who carry non-lethal weapons such as pepper spray, taser, etc.) Women today are looking for more ways to stay safe and GTM bags are just the accessory they’re searching for. The same pocket and “holster area” can also allow for fast retrieval of other defense tools such as:

  • flashlight
  • pepper/mace spray
  • whistle
  • knife
  • stun gun
  • baton
  • keys
  • mobile phones



Protect Mom from Identity and Financial Theft with RFID Blocking

In addition to the concealed carry features of every one of our GTM products, your customers can protect the mothers in their lives with from letting the bad guys get a hold of their personal information, too. At GTM, we use a special material built into many of our bags which blocks any RFID readers from stealing information held on cards within the purse. Essentially, it provides a barrier between your cards and any potential scanners -- like a “shark cage” around the chip that radio waves cannot penetrate.  

Check out our extensive collection of bags with RFID protection, such as our Distressed Leather Slim crossbody bag or our gorgeous Gypsy Big Tote made from both American cowhide and buffalo in a beautiful blue shade. These and several other of our bags are specially made to protect the wearer from RFID skimming thieves.


The Ultimate Bag for Every Kind of Mom

No matter what her agenda for the day is, all of our designs are created with the “woman on the go” in mind. Sell the GTM bags on your floor by speaking to every kind of Mother: the traveler who needs a weekend duffle, the soccer mom who needs a cross-body travel tote that can hold a day full of sunblock, water and snacks, or the minimalist who wants a small purse with nothing more than her lipstick, phone, credit card and ID. 

And remember that every one of our products has been TESTED, TESTED, TESTED by instructors from facilities training CSI, FBI and Navy Seals. You want to be sure you are selling products your customers can trust.   

Get those cash registers singing this Mother’s Day and push the GTM bags for every benefit they offer its wearer!


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