Off-Body Carry: Tips and Tricks From the Field

Have you ever wondered why so many women are turning to off-body carry? We’ve seen a rapid rise in off-body concealed carry, so we’re diving into benefits, tips and tricks from Gun Tote’n Mamas. With the holidays quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to find durable, reliable and fashionable off-body carry bags.

Benefits of Off-Body Cary

Just a zipper away.

At Gun Tote’n Mamas we’re serious about quality and being prepared for real-world, life-threatening situations. That’s why we One of the most common reasons to switch to off-body carry is convenience and comfort. Having the luxury to be in control without compromising style is unbeatable. Our handbags are made by women for women, so we know the importance of having a reliable, high-quality accessory for your firearm.

Not only does off-body carry provide the comfort to feel safe in any given situation, but also an unmatched advantage in dangerous scenarios. Just a zipper away, you can have a hand on your gun whenever that woman's intuition kicks in.

Along with comfort, ease and style, using a concealed carry handbag or other modes of off-body carry allows for versatility in what gun you choose to carry. This makes your concealed carry shopping experience much easier, with less limitation on the firearm you choose to tote.

These are life-changing benefits, and here at GTM, we want to help you use your concealed carry accessory safely and fashionably.

Tips and Tricks From Our Favorite Instructors

You can never have too many GTM bags!

We work with instructors across the country to provide them with the resources to teach off-body carry. These instructors are changing lives, providing unmatched education and creating a strong sense of confidence in women and communities serious about firearm safety.

We talked to one of our favorite instructors, Christa Forrester, for a few tips and tricks to off-body carry. Christa holds instructor certifications through the NRA and is also a Training Counselor and Multi-Discipline Instructor, including DSF Level 1 and 2, with the USCCA: Here’s what she had to say:

  • Make sure you choose the handbag that fits your firearm or the firearm that fits your handbag. The pockets and internal holsters are sized and made for safety. GTM is here to help you find the perfect fit!
  • Get some training, and more training and then keep training when learning how to draw from off-body carry. Don't let lack of knowledge and/or training be the failure in your ability to protect yourself. 
  • Most importantly, your firearm is YOUR responsibility. When you are off body carrying in a handbag you must keep that handbag with you and out of unauthorized persons hands at ALL times!

If you’re thinking of training with a concealed carry handbag, let our personal shopper help you find the perfect fit by calling 847.446.0700 Ext. 107, or contact us so we can walk you through becoming a Gun Tote’n Mama!

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