Plan NOW for 2021 Holiday Shopping Season

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Let’s be blunt, if we may: If you want to be ready for the 2021 holiday shopping season, you should be planning and getting ready NOW.

What the retail world experienced in 2020 has long-tail effects that cannot be ignored! The global pandemic disrupted supply chains across the industry -- yet experts still expect to see high amounts of online shopping later this year. eMarketer forecasts that total U.S. holiday retail sales in 2021 will rise 2.7% to $1.093 trillion, while the season's ecommerce sales will rise 11.3% to $206.88 billion. Ecommerce will account for a record 18.9% of total holiday season retail sales. The National Retail Federation anticipates that retail sales in general will grow between 6.5 percent and 8.2 percent to more than $4.33 trillion in 2021 as more individuals get vaccinated and the economy reopens. 

However, you have seen already – empty shelves, not able to get what you want, higher prices - retail supply chains have been on a crazy ride. Supply chains over the past 18 months are congested, disrupted and challenged, affecting inventory availability. There’s no question experts agree the pandemic of 2020 changed the retail supply chain in various ways, probably for the long-haul. 

Our advice: Save yourself from scrambling and SHOP NOW  – both for in-store and online sales – NOW.  


ESPECIALLY for GTM concealed-carry purses. We are the most sought-after brand each and every season and 2021 will be no different, looking at the continued increase in personal weapon sales. Gun sales, which spiked sharply during the early months of the coronavirus pandemic, have not only not slowed down but continue to increase in the United States, with first-time buyers making up more than one-fifth of Americans who purchased guns. Of those, almost 20% who bought guns last year were first-time gun owners, of whom 50% were women. And these numbers don’t take into consideration women who carry non-lethal weapons such as pepper spray, taser, etc.

As women are looking for more ways to protect themselves, GTM provides the fashion products that give off-body protection options. Since our debut a decade ago, we’ve been consistently the most popular and most searched conceal carry purse among women. Being women, working with women shooters, we know what women want and need.  After 11 years for testing testing testing, adjusting, improving from our women testers in the field, you KNOW we are serious about our products and SERIOUS about your protection.  So serious, we asked industry experts, the to develop the ONLY User Manual on the market, how to safely and responsibly use your off-body protection Purse / Bag. 

If you don’t see your favorite Purse on our website PLEASE CALL and let us help you find it among our large network of AUTHORIZED GTM DEALERS. Should you prefer to order direct, call us and let us help you place your order and hold your spot when your special Bag arrives! Even if the item is out of stock now, shipments are coming in every month.

With our help,  together, we can make sure your perfect GTM Purse will be delivered! 

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