Situational Awareness

Defensive Planet: 5 practical exercises to increase your situational awareness

This is a great article from Defensive Planet that we couldn’t wait to share with you: 5 practical exercises to increase your situational awareness.

As we all know, situational awareness is the first step to self-protection and empowerment. But do we all really know how to practice situational awareness on a daily basis in various circumstances?

Some important key points made in this story that we believe are important include:

  • Situational Awareness doesn’t require any special equipment. It’s simply a change in the way you think and observe (understanding the need to take responsibility for one's own security.)
  • Expand your field of vision by constantly scanning your surroundings, turning your head slowly.
  • Practice situational awareness by going on a personal “scavenger hunt.” Look for a man wearing a red tie, a woman with a blue dress, an overflowing trashcan, etc.
  • Practice “people watching with purpose.” Beyond just casually watching people walk by, try to determine their career, emotional state, and if they have any weapons. 

The more we are aware of whatever situation we find ourselves in, the better we can respond to a possible challenge. Practicing these tips can literally save your life. Please take a few minutes to read this piece!

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