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A great review of the GTM-14


I purchased this GTM "Urban" bag about 4 years ago. It was the first of two more, later GTM purchases. It's very roomy and easy to organize your personal items. If you carry a full-size, stainless steel pistol, you may find that the velcro holster does not adhere to the pocket backing 100% of the time. I have two of the Raven bags and love them but, even with what little personal items I must have with me, that bag's weight takes a toll on the top of my shoulder (I always wear my bags cross-body; anyone who just pops the strap over their shoulder is sending a silent invitation to lose that bag very quickly. As far as GTM's bags go, I would not buy one made by any other company. GTM makes and sells a solid, very reliable product and they stand behind those products with outstanding customer care.

2016 Shot Show (From the

This year I was fortunate enough to have my wife attend with SHOT with me (though she was in a buyer role), and she asked why there was hardly any coverage on products for the ladies. Well, sheesh, good point.

Her biggest issue is finding a concealment option that will work well as a purse. Women’s business clothing is apparently not as concealment friendly as my cargo pants with a flannel shirt, and so she would like to have the option to carry in her bag. The problem is that most of the bags she has found to date have not been very business fashionable.The inside is lined with velcro allowing for a number of configurations.

Another complaint (that my wife had) that Gun Tote’n Mamas has addressed is having options to access the gun from the top. Most gun purses have a side access, and that is problematic if you switch the purse from shoulder to shoulder, since the gun would now be in a less advantageous position.

The quality of the material is pretty high and the construction looks solid. The have even incorporated an anti-cut feature into the strap.

This is the construction that prevents a quick cut from letting a bag snatcher run off with it.

Gun Tote’n Mamas has a number of options to fill that gap with a number of styles and varieties that can accommodate and match with any wardrobe. And for that matter they have a number of products that will work for guys (satchels, messenger bags, and even a leather iPad case that can conceal a 1911 Commander or Sig P220).

You can see a number of their products and styles on their website:
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