The Ultimate Guide to a Safe Night Out

Spring is quickly approaching, and whether you’re going out with your girlfriends or spending time with your long-time significant other, it’s always important to recognize potential threats to your personal and community safety. We’re here to share the love with the ultimate guide to staying safe on dinner dates, girls night out and more. Here’s how to make this seasonal transition memorable for all of the right reasons.

Girls Night Out:

GNO with GTM.

This season can be daunting for our single ladies out there, so we want to help you stay safe on girl’s night out. Here are a few tips to follow:

  • Stick Together

There’s always strength in numbers. Unfortunately, women are often the subject of uncomfortable and harmful situations. Sticking with your crew makes you a harder target. 

  • Be Prepared

Always have a means of self-defense. Whether it’s pepper spray or a concealed carry purse, we recommend being prepared, which also means knowing how to use your everyday carry item. If you’re on the fence about buying a concealed carry bag, check out these 3 reasons to strap up with a GTM product.

The idea of “women’s intuition” is often talked about as if it’s some mythical, magical thing—but it’s not fiction. It’s absolutely real. If you’re in a situation where you get a feeling something's not right, listen to it.

Use Social Media and Online Dating With Precaution:

Stay safe and alert.

While online dating and social media have exponentially grown in popularity, users must remember to use precaution when interacting online. A basic tip is to never share your personal information when talking to someone you are interested in on a dating app. Use a trustworthy site, be clear about your expectations and block or report any suspicious users. 

If you’re ever planning to meet someone in person, always make sure to connect in a public place. Let your friends, family or anyone you trust know exactly where you are, and provide them with updates throughout the occasion. 

Always remember…when that woman’s intuition kicks in, listen to it. 

Date Night Dangers:

Trust your intuition.

To all of our couples looking for secure date-night options, we have you covered! Whether you’re choosing between staying in or treating yourselves to a fancy, candlelit dinner, it’s always a good idea to be prepared. 

Fortify your home. Our friends at Safe LivinG have some amazing tips to keep your home secure and protected. Criminals will suspect most homes will be vacant for the holiday, so keep your doors locked and self-defense mechanisms ready in the off chance you need to utilize them. 

If hitting the town or your favorite restaurant with your significant other is your go-to date night tradition, don’t forget to take all the necessary precautions. Park in a safe spot to protect your vehicle, yourself and your significant other. What’s the best way to protect yourself and your loved one? A GTM concealed carry handbag, of course! 

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