Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: GTM Concealed Carry Handbags

NEW from GTM. 

Valentine's Day is an occasion to express love and appreciation for those closest to us. For individuals who prioritize safety and style, Gun Tote’n Mamas offers a thoughtful and practical gift option. Here's a curated gift guide to help you choose the perfect GTM concealed carry handbag for your loved one:


1. The Classic Tote

Featuring exceptional space, the Town Tote can hold a 9" tall 23fl oz water bottle, a tablet of choice, a pair of shoes, and work documents, making it perfect for office to weekend wear. Its structured design ensures durability and versatility, while the lightweight construction adds to its appeal. The two hand carry handles and crossbody shoulder wear option provide convenience and flexibility.

The classic tote from GTM is the ideal Valentine's Day gift for the fashion-conscious individual who values both form and function. Lavender leather, exceptional space, and timeless style - the Classic Town Tote is here to revolutionize your everyday carry needs. With its no-nonsense carry ability and versatile design, this signature statement tote is the perfect companion from the office to the weekend. 


2. The Stylish Clutch - Clutch Purse, Debossed US Cowhide

  Convenience Meets Safety

Handcrafted with precision and adorned with a debossed understated Rose Leaf pattern, our beautiful vintage clutch is the epitome of elegance and style.Thsi bag is meticulously designed to showcase the timeless beauty of hand-carved molds and hand-rubbed colors that create stunning multi-tone highlights. 

Whether you draw left-handed or right-handed, this clutch catesr to your needs with a special outside back compartment that zips open on three sides. This CCW special compartment features padding to prevent imprinting and allows you to adjust the holster to your comfort draw angle. 

Adjustable straps provide versatility, allowing you to customize the drop length from 12" to 25", with a total length of 49." Made from American cowhide leather, the bag becomes softer with use and age to a darker patina, showcasing durability and timeless appeal. 


3. The NEW Mini Sling

Adaptability and Security On the Go

Looking for a unique and practical Valentine's Day gift? Look no further than the GTM-CZY/110 Mini Sling in Distressed Buffalo. This stylish and functional bag is the perfect accessory for anyone who values both fashion and personal safety.

Crafted from Distressed Buffalo Leather, this rugged bag is not only durable but also lightweight, making it easy to carry all day long. With its slim shape, it allows for ease of movement, ensuring comfort and convenience for the wearer.

One of the standout features of the GTM-CZY/110 is its versatility. The bag can easily swing from back to front in seconds, providing quick and easy access when you need it most. This makes it an excellent gift for your Valentine!


4. The Classic Crossbody - Crossbody Organizer, Cowhide

Can’t go Wrong with the Classics

Crafted from American Cowhide in a stunning shade of red, this bag is not only visually appealing but also boasts a soft subtle pebble grain and a matte texture. Despite its lightweight design, this bag is incredibly durable, making it the ideal companion for everyday carry.

Tested with various firearms, including Springfield Hellcat 9mm, Ruger LCP 9mm, Kimber Micro 380, Kimber Micro 9mm, Sig Sauer P328 9mm, and Glock 42 380acp, this bag ensures your safety without compromising on style. It includes a MINI Holster, designed by Mernickle Holsters, to securely hold your firearm.

Its compact size, concealed carry capabilities, and stylish design make it the perfect gift for those who prioritize both fashion and safety. Available in a vibrant red color, this bag is sure to make a statement this Valentine’s Day!


5. The Traveler's Companion - Crossbody Messenger Bag, Distressed Buffalo

Versatility and Durability 

Distressed Full Grain Buffalo Leather, GTM’s own development, takes center stage in - the Classic Messenger Bag. With its rugged and durable construction, this bag is designed to withstand the test of time, while exuding a unique and unrepeatable grain and color. Each bag is truly one of a kind, with a rich distressed patina that only gets better with age and use.

This bag is compatible with various firearms, including Sig P938, Sig P365, Sig P320, Glock 43, Glock 48, Glock 19, Walther PPS M2, S&W 442 revolver, and S&W M&P 2.0. Its dynamic distress changes as you use it every day, making it a true reflection of your journey. Embrace the uniqueness and durability of this one-of-a-kind bag, designed to meet the needs of both men and women.

Whether opting for a classic tote, a crossbody purse, a stylish clutch, or a traveler's companion, you can show your affection while providing peace of mind. Choose the perfect GTM handbag that reflects your loved one's lifestyle and preferences, and make this Valentine's Day truly memorable.

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