Are You Doing All You Can to Protect and Empower Your Female Customers?

At GTM our mission is to protect and empower women by providing them with the education and products needed to carry their personal protection item of choice.  We, here at GTM, want to share the below topic that is driving women to seek the tools they need for protection. Do you have what they need?

Violence against women is an immediate issue that does not discriminate, even reaching into quiet suburban residential and shopping mall areas. We encourage you to understand the issue so that you can better empower your female customers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it many societal changes, both positive and negative. Unfortunately, one of those negative affects is a “shadow pandemic” of increased violence against women. The United Nations report "Measuring the shadow pandemic: Violence against women during COVID-19" presents the first set of reliable, cross-country, and nationally representative data on this topic and shows that the pandemic has intensified violence against women. In addition to the “real life” physical dangers women face, they also experience fearful harassment online. In the U.S., two out of every ten young women, aged 18–29, have been sexually harassed online and one in two say they were sent unwarranted explicit images. Lastly, it’s noted that most of the detected victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation (92 per cent) are females. 

All of these facts and more add up to women taking action to protect themselves more than ever. For this reason, off-body protection purchases, both lethal and non-lethal, by women, continue to rise. It’s critical that responsible dealers/ retailers educate their customers on what concealed carry options are available to them and the safe – and unsafe – ways to carry and draw any protection device, in the moment of need! 

GTM handbags firmly addresses this need! 100%  of GTM products are inspired and developed by women for women. No matter what personal protection device your customer chooses to carry, EVERY GTM product is made to luggage standards of durability, field tested – tested – tested for safety, drawability, endurance in classic / timeless designs that hold a protection device securely and in ready position with practice, practice, practice. GTM’s extensive line of handbags, evening bags and weekend totes are all designed to empower women to help protect themselves.

In today’s uncertain world that seems to be making many women question their safety wherever they go, please know that retailers play a very important role in helping to keep them safe. Make sure you offer the best: