Are You Ready For This Unprecedented 2020 Holiday Shopping Season?

Most retail experts agree that we are about to experience an unprecedented holiday shopping season, thanks to the global pandemic and as a provider of CCW Handbags, we are wading thru the waters in these difficult times. While e-commerce traffic and spending in general already is elevated, due to stay-at-home orders, that shows no signs of abating between now and January 1, we can expect holiday shopping to arrive earlier this year, likely before Halloween. Retail giants Target and Wal-Mart are closing on Black Friday and plan to start their holiday deals in October to reduce crowds. Additionally, Amazon has pushed back Prime Day (traditionally a July predecessor to holiday sales) to the fall timeframe. These and other general factors around social distancing all point to an earlier-than-usual holiday shopping season. 

A few specific predictions and advice from experts to retailers include:

  • $314 BILLION in retail mobile sales are expected this year. Make sure your e-commerce infrastructure is robust enough to handle heavier-than-normal traffic levels for a longer-than-normal holiday season.
  • 44% of all e-commerce sales will be done with mobile devices. Consumers want contactless shopping bringing them to use mobile payments.
  • Get ready with staff and logistics to offer Store Pick Up. Retailers offering store pickup — curbside, inside, drive-through — will see a 90% increase in digital sales over the previous holiday season. 


One more piece of advice: Be sure to stock your shelves now with the GTM concealed-carry purses your customers want. These will be “hot” items this season considering record handgun sales this year. According to a recent NSSF survey with retailers, almost 5 million more firearms have been sold Jan – July 2020 than would have ordinarily been sold during these months and 40% of first-time gun buyers are WOMEN. 

Women today are looking for more ways to stay safe. Since our debut a decade ago, we’ve been consistently the most popular and most sought after conceal carry purse among women. Our handbags are of the highest quality and designed for carrying all kinds of protection, like pepper spray, firearm and other self-defense tools.

While we design our bags to be beautiful and fashionable, our handbags are inspired and designed with the ultimate goal of protecting and empowering every woman who carries one. That’s the main reason we exist: safety and empowerment for women. A big part of that commitment is making sure that our concealed carry bags can be used as intended in an instant. That means strong materials, rigorous testing.

The simple fact is that women want a GTM bag. Because we know what women want. Whether you sell in-store, online or both, GTM products can help boost your sales. GTM has the inventory to give your customers what they want and we are ready to ship! Contact us here.