Instructor PreLoved Bag Program

Attention all firearm instructors: GTM has officially launched our new “Instructor PreLoved Bag Program.” Certified firearms instructors across the country may order up to three PreLoved bags to use in their training courses, to aide in teaching how to carry firearms off-body. We know from recent analytics from The Well Armed Woman and Shoot Like A Girl that concealed carry bags and purses are now preferred over on-body holsters, especially with new shooters. It’s very important women learn to store and draw from bags properly.

GTM’s president, Claudia Chisholm, said, “We are so excited to be able to create this program just for instructors! Not only does it allow use and access to the #1 CCW purse/bag brand in the country, for only a donation and shipping cost, it also allows returned bags to continue their purpose, your purpose, to teach as many people as possible how to carry off-body.”

All bags in the PreLoved program will have been inspected and approved by GTM for instructor use. Damaged bags – beyond cosmetics – automatically go into our recycling system and will never be included in this program.

Instructions on how to receive your GTM PreLoved concealed carry bags or purses can be found here (must include your certified instructor credentials such as USCCA, NRA, etc., and name your training location). Women want GTM bags because we know what women want!