2020 Goals: Suggested Resolutions for Retailers

“Offer my customers the BEST in concealed carry handbags.”

We’ve been thinking a lot about what we can do better, differently and with purpose around here in 2020. We’ll continue to focus on providing retailers and consumers with the highest quality handbags on the market, designed specifically for concealed carry. And, of course, we’ll continue to focus on empowering women in everything we do.

We’ve been in the business a long time and have seen many trends come and go. Indulge us as we suggest for you five goals you may want to consider for your store(s) to ensure that 2020 brings you greater success than ever before:


  1. Introduce a New Product. If customers see the same thing, displayed in the same way, every time they come into your store, they get bored. Offering up new products is a great way to lure them back, especially when the product is top-of-the-line quality. What new things can enhance your overall assortment? We think GTM handbags would be a great addition, of course! If you already carry them, try stocking some of our newer products. Every bag is tested to the maximum standards and beyond. Every detail is considered. That’s why, a decade later, we’re the most popular conceal carry handbag on the market. If you’re not carrying GTM Original handbags, you’re missing out on sales.



  1. Talk More to Your Customers.Take the time to really listen to what your customers like, don’t like and need. Talk to them. Ask them questions. When selling them a handbag, for example, questions about how she likes to wear a purse (cross-body, on her back or slung over one shoulder) matters greatly. How much weight does she normally put in her purse to carry around? What weapon does she plan to carry most often (mace, handgun, taser)?

  2. Take a Stand on Stopping Domestic Violence in Your Workplace. The Department of Labor reports that victims of domestic violence lose nearly 8 million days of paid work per year in the U.S., resulting in a $1.8 billion loss in productivity for employers. Basically, if you employ people or have customers who are people. . . well, you do the math. As American businesses, we can no longer dismiss this issue as “family matters” or “issues best left to law enforcement.” The pervasiveness and severity of domestic violence impacting the workplace demands the attention of employers, managers, human resources and security staff. Train yourself and your team on spotting domestic violence situations. See some more information and tips on what you can do to help employees here.


  1. Get more tech savvy. Broaden how you try and reach your ideal customer. 84% of Millennials don’t trust advertising. They trust their friends, they trust blogs, they trust social media. According to KPMG, 87% of Millennials use more than two tech devices a day and are “driving more businesses to adopt mobile commerce and provide a seamless multi-channel experience.” And 54% of Millennial shoppers indicated that they would rather pay for a purchase using a smartphone or mobile wallet than any other method. If you’re not offering mobile payments, social media engagement or online shopping/pickup in the store, you are missing out on a very large piece of the customer pie.


  1. Face time with customers. In addition to reaching out to customers online and via social channels, consider further building customer relationships by becoming their source for information and education on topics that are important to them. Host in-store seminars/workshops for women on subjects such as situational awareness, firearm and hunting safety, or the importance how to draw correctly from a concealed carry compartment, regardless if the preferred weapon is lethal or non-lethal.


Whatever your 2020 goals are, we at GTM are there for you! Let us help you have a successful year by stocking the best handbags on the market. Call us anytime!


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