Shot Show 2016 Mykel Hawke with Gun Tote'n Mamas

We were so excited to spend some time with Mykel Hawke. Mykel is a giant supporter of the GTM/CZY-03! MYKEL HAWKE is a U.S. Army Special Forces "Green Beret" combat veteran with over 20 years of combined military, government contracting, and survival experience.  He is the star of The Travel Channel's series LOST SURVIVORS and formerly starred in Discovery Channel's hit shows, Man Woman Wild and One Man Army (Discovery Channel), as well as The Outdoor Channel's, Elite Tactical Unit.  Hawke is the bestselling author of a language book, two critically acclaimed survival manuals to include Hawke's Special Forces Survival Handbook, and has a new survival book and kit for kids. He is also co-author of the Jake Tyler thriller series, which is based on his personal experiences.  He is the founder and President of Hawke Brand ®—his own brand of survival knives and products, and a survival school. Hawke supports veterans and veterans causes as well as many humanitarian organizations.

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