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A concealed carry Gun Purse that I actually like! - Although I don't recommend a purse as a woman's primary method of concealed carry, there are definite advantages to being able to occasionally carry in a designated gun purse. Although this one (by "Gun Toten Mamas") easily conceals a bigger gun, I also show how well a bigger gun (Ruger SP101) can conceal on-body, with my Crossbreed Supertuck IWB holster.



Concealed Carry Purses Are the New Hermès Birkins It's the bag trend you never saw coming.

By Charles Manning
Feb 5, 2016

Concealed Carry Purses Are the New Hermès Birkins

It's the bag trend you never saw coming. 

The hottest trend in bags right now isn't fringe or studs or prints, it's guns. Specifically, purses designed to conceal guns.

According to Google, about 74,000 people search for the term "concealed carry purse" every month. That is the same number of people who look for "Hermès Birkin."

Concealed carry purses are most popular in North Carolina, followed closely by Texas, Ohio, Georgia, and Florida.

It's a relatively new trend, popping up on Google's radar for the first time in 2011, but it has seen a dramatic increase in the last couple months at the same time that gun sales across the nation reached record highs following the mass shooting in San Bernadino, California, and President Barack Obama's subsequent calls for more restrictions on gun sales.

Searches for "concealed carry purse" on Google return results ranging from mainstream designers like Coach and Michael Kors to specialty websites like The Well Armed Woman, Gun Goddess, and Gun Tote'n Mamas, with styles ranging from totes to cross bodies to fanny packs.

"Conceal Carry Belt Pack is designed for active women," reads the product description for a pink camo fanny pack on "There is plenty of room for your handgun, 2 magazines and even your phone. You can be both safe and fashionable while shopping, walking, and more. Wear with your belt or use the belt strap included. Adjust belt strap and wear cross body too."

And, of course, there are also concealed carry purse accessories, like the Swarovski crystal-studded purse hook from "Do you carry your firearm in your purse? Then you definitely want to keep it in front of you and in sight, rather than hanging on the back of a chair," reads the product description. "Even if you don't carry, this sparkly hanger gives you the peace of mind that comes from keeping your purse constantly in view."

So, yeah. Concealed carry purses. They're huge. At least now you know what to get the bride at your next camo-themed wedding. Because, those are a thing too. Oh, yes. What a time to be alive.

With additional reporting by Christine Bettlach Anderson.

Shot Show 2016 Mykel Hawke with Gun Tote'n Mamas

We were so excited to spend some time with Mykel Hawke. Mykel is a giant supporter of the GTM/CZY-03! MYKEL HAWKE is a U.S. Army Special Forces "Green Beret" combat veteran with over 20 years of combined military, government contracting, and survival experience.  He is the star of The Travel Channel's series LOST SURVIVORS and formerly starred in Discovery Channel's hit shows, Man Woman Wild and One Man Army (Discovery Channel), as well as The Outdoor Channel's, Elite Tactical Unit.  Hawke is the bestselling author of a language book, two critically acclaimed survival manuals to include Hawke's Special Forces Survival Handbook, and has a new survival book and kit for kids. He is also co-author of the Jake Tyler thriller series, which is based on his personal experiences.  He is the founder and President of Hawke Brand ®—his own brand of survival knives and products, and a survival school. Hawke supports veterans and veterans causes as well as many humanitarian organizations.

Mykel Hawke rocks the GTM CZY 03!

Mykel Hawke was kind enough to show off our 

GTM CZY 03 bag! A great gift to check off the wish list!

Mykel Hawke

Mykel Hawke