Gun Tote'n Mamas Range Day with DTI, Inc.

"We covered safe gun handling, loading and unloading, handgun operating systems, drawing from handbags, grip, stance, sight alignment/picture, trigger press, trigger reset and accuracy. We also covered re-loading

All Gun Tote'n Mamas used handbags in cross body position so that they could draw with their strong hand and have the muzzle move readily and directly up to the target. Claudia uses her left hand as her strong hand for shooting. We used handbags from which the handguns were being held in both horizontal, angled and vertical holsters. You can see in at least one or two photos that they learned to stabilize the handbag with their support hand by grasping the strap where it connects to the bag itself. That kept their support hand out of the way of the muzzle as it came out of the holster. 

We used a variety of handguns. Think I included a picture of each, if not, I can. As you can see, the accuracy was great! We certainly did not cover everything I usually cover in a two-day class, but we had lots of discussions which were necessary and invaluable. The comfort level went way up from the first morning to the end of the second afternoon, but more importantly, the reality of the weight of responsibility for carrying a loaded handgun in a GTM handbag was vividly experienced" 

By Vicki Farnam


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