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Time for a Giveaway!

Who is ready for a giveaway? @lindseygray_coltsguns and GTM have teamed up to GIVE AWAY this gorgeous GTM-51 Town Tote in Blue. Which one of you gun-toting beauties will be toting this blue baby this spring?! Valued at $240! Enter to win! ⠀⠀⠀⠀

A concealed carry Gun Purse that I actually like! - Although I don't recommend a purse as a woman's primary method of concealed carry, there are definite advantages to being able to occasionally carry in a designated gun purse. Although this one (by "Gun Toten Mamas") easily conceals a bigger gun, I also show how well a bigger gun (Ruger SP101) can conceal on-body, with my Crossbreed Supertuck IWB holster.



Firearms and firearms accessory makers increasingly consider women buyers

2016 TWAW/GTM Pose Contest

Shot Show 2017

Displaying Artifacts from Trailblazers in the Field of Diplomatic Security POSTED BY KATIE SPECKART

“When I think of being the first woman security officer, what I think of most is I hope I have done the best job I can, and that it will be easier for those who follow.” 

The first female diplomatic security special agent Patti Morton expressed this hope during a Diplomatic Security oral history interview in 1991. Ms. Morton was recruited in 1972 to join the Office of Security, predecessor to the Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS) in the Washington Field Office as a Special Agent.


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